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Hi, Welcome to FOMO Bones!

You have now entered a fomo-FREE zone. We’re Mike and Beau. We’re two dudes on a mission to end anxiety and FOMO aka a “Fear of missing Out” for dogs and pet parents all across the globe.

Our Story

Our fight with FOMO started when we opened our first bar in San Diego. We worked long hours and hustled our hearts out. As bar owners and later as founders of a few online businesses we spent many nights lying awake in bed stressed, overwhelmed and completely bogged down by anxiety.

Then we tried CBD. Almost instantly, our days felt more manageable. When someone would call in, or when an expensive mistake happened we’d remain cool, calm and collected. We could actually sleep at night again. And we no longer had that shiny object syndrome or FOMO, that so many entrepreneurs encounter.

When we saw how CBD changed our lives, we thought maybe it could for pets too.

This is how we roll...

Laughter is our #1 Wellness Hack

At FOMO Bones we take our work seriously. But, we never take ourselves too seriously. Because at the end of the day, life is too damn short. And we believe laughter is most the affordable and effective medicine out there today.

101% Natural

NEWSFLASH: CBD is not new. It’s not a trend. In fact, cannabinoids are actually a chemical found in your body! That’s right you already have cannabinoids and CBD receptors inside of you. (Your dog does too.) Can’t get any more natural than that. Today vets across the globe use CBD as a go-to- treatment for dogs.

Made in Colorado

Unlike some of our competitors who get a lot of their CBD from China and other sources with loose regulatory requirements, our CBD is sourced directly from family-owned hemp farms in Colorado. All of the CBD is grown in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill which requires our CBD to be organic and pesticide free.

No Snake Oil

Our bottom line is quality, not profit. We're committed to research and showing our work, so you’ll know the science behind every ingredient. And even though the National Academy of Science has over 10,000 studies showing the effectiveness of CBD, we won’t stop researching.

We’ve Got Your Back

Anything we recommend is because we truly, genuinely believe in it. And if for some reason our product isn't right for you, we'll say so. When mistakes happen, we take responsibility and work our paws off to make it right.

We Love Our Customers

You are why we exist. As two guys that started off their career in the bar industry, we are sort of obsessed with customer service. To show our appreciation we will work day and night to answer questions, emails and deliver the best CBD dog treats on the planet.

We’re not for everyone

Hey we get it. You may not want to swipe right. Our humor might not be for you. We’ve never found a meme we didn’t like and we aren’t afraid to crack a joke in a silent room.

We have fun. Period.

Fun is our middle name. Okay maybe not, but we only do stuff if it’s fun. Fun is our productivity hack. And guys, it’s working. Just check out our trophy case...

The Inspiration Behind FOMO Bones

Beau’s dog (our best friend), Ziggy, was the best dog you’d ever know. She was with us every day as we built our bars and other CBD company, Sunday Scaries.

She would hang out with us and listen to music. She would comfort us when we were stressed. She was an extremely loyal dog and was chill beyond belief (hence her name).

We took her everywhere we could, but every once and while we would have to leave her at home.

And every time we did she would give us those sad puppy eyes that broke our heart as we shut the door behind us. She would whimper and scratch the door. It felt awful, but we simply didn’t have any other choice.

But FOMO wasn’t the only issue Ziggy was up against.

Towards the end of 2017, Ziggy started becoming lethargic and was limping around in pain. Sadly she was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma, a type of cancer that starts in the glands and lines the outside of the organs. We were all devastated and wanted to do whatever we could to help Ziggy with the pain and inflammation.

So we started to give her some CBD edible samples we'd had from Sunday Scaries that were dog friendly. We gave them to Ziggy and found that the CBD almost immediately helped her. The pain in her back legs subsided and she was able to run around. She was also able to sleep better at night and she regained her appetite.

Beyond the immediate relief of pain, inflammation and joint discomfort Ziggy received from the CBD, we also witnessed a change in her FOMO and behavior. When we would leave her to go to our human-only activities, we found that she was way more relaxed and comfortable with us leaving. She was no longer anxious or in a frenzy.This also put our minds at ease, knowing we were leaving her in a good state.

Sadly, in 2018 Ziggy passed away from cancer. Beau and I knew we had to carry along her legacy and spread the good word on how beneficial CBD can be for dogs.

We believe life is short, so we created a FOMO Bones, a company that might make you laugh from time to time, that also happens to have products that can change your dog’s life.

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